Kosara (कोसार), derived from Sanskrit, means a furrow or trench.

Kosara is an app-based community farming project that allows you to grow your own food on a healthy and pristine piece of land under the supervision of our experienced team of agronomists and farmers.

Kosara is also destination where life comes to take a breather. From herb gardens and fruit orchards, to regular workshops, community events and exhibitions, it is more than just your source of food. It’s a holistic movement towards food-enlightenment


Over the last few decades, as India’s food requirements have grown, its ability to grow quality food has taken a hit. Our farms have become mills and their produce, chemical concoctions. The Yamuna Belt in Delhi for example, where some of Delhi’s food is treated/cultivated, is littered with toxic chemicals that end up seeping into our food and inevitably into us.

When was the last time you bit into a Mango and had its juice stream down your hand? When was the last time that the smell of fresh coriander scuttled around your house as your mother made fresh green chutney? We at Kosara want to take you back to that moment by providing an innovative food-solution that uses age old wisdom with new age technologies to grow food like it should be Clean and Fresh!

With a team of agronomists and farmers possessing decades of collective experience, we are pioneering India’s modern food revolution.

why kosara
why kosara
why kosara


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Ideal for those who wish to have the best quality products delivered to their doorstep with an occasional visit to the farm.

A stroll through the herb garden is enough to cure all colds!

  • Subscribe to a 700 Sq. Foot plot of arable land.
  • Choose from a list of seasonal vegetables available on the app and start growing.
  • We handle everything for you thereon, from preparing the land, planting the crop, managing the growth and notifying you at every step through the app.
  • We harvest and deliver your harvest at your doorstep once a week.

Cost: 3000 INR per month

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Ideal for those who wish to engage themselves regularly in a farm experience guided by our team. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with oneself, teach your kids where their food comes from and take some time off from the chaos of city-life.

The smell of fresh soil on the hands is magnificent - we promise!

  • Subscribe to a 1400 Sq. Foot plot of arable land.
  • Visit the farm, select from a list of seasonal vegetables, get your hands dirty and grow your own produce.
  • The knowledge and all input material is ours, the hands are yours.
  • We manage the growth of your crops for you and provide you with updates via the app. You can plan your visits based on the harvest cycles and take your produce home.

Cost: 3000 INR per month

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Becoming a part of the KOSARA family is easy. Here is how it works:



The Kosara Farm is located near Damdama Lake, Sohna, District Gurgaon, Haryana, Pin: 122102. You can call us at +91 9999020054 to get further details.

Farm Location

(a) DIY (do-it-yourself) Model
Your subscription includes everything that you need to grow your produce on your farm - All farm inputs (seeds/ saplings, manure, bio-fertilisers, pest control apparatus etc.), machinery, growers and team members, to guide you at every step. The model includes regular notifications through the app, which will keep you in the loop about what is happening at the farm or to your crops so that you can plan your visits accordingly.

Note: the DIY Model does not include deliveries, however, the same can be requested at additional cost.

(b) Click and Grow Model
Your subscription includes everything required to grow your desired crops (i.e. chosen by you via the app) - All farm inputs (seeds/saplings, manure, bio-fertilisers, pest control apparatus etc.), machinery and growers who will grow and harvest your produce for you. The model includes regular notifications through the app, which will keep you in the loop about what is happening at the farm or to your crops and your delivery schedule.

Once harvesting is complete and any of your beds are empty, the app will prompt you to choose new crops for cultivation from the list of available seasonal crops.

(c) Other advantages
Timely notifications through the KOSARA app. Information about various events (cook-outs, classes, experiences etc.). As a member of the KOSARA family, you will be invited to an array of free workshops and community events. We will also host special events that you will be entitled to attend at minimal charges.

To be a member of the KOSARA family, you don’t have be a seasoned farmer or possess an interest in gardening per say. Clean, fresh and healthy food is what we all should be striving for. At KOSARA we offer you the input materials and expertise to grow healthy food. Be it our Click and Grow Model or the DIY Model, we offer full support to our members.

Absolutely! We encourage our members to visit the farm as often as possible and learn about growing their own food and sustainable agricultural practices. In the coming future, we will host a number of workshops at the farm for our members to attend as well.

As per our estimate, a single farm (Click and Grow model) should be able to spring enough seasonal produce to take care of a sample family of 4. What we can promise is the quality and health of our produce.

(a) Charity
There is an easy donate option on the app. Once you take that option, our back-end team will get in touch with you and give you options to donate to our list of empaneled charitable institutions.

(b) Sale of extra produce
You may get in touch with our team while visiting the farm or via the app messaging service and we will sell the extra quantities in the local markets. After deducting the logistics costs, we will credit you with the amount received and adjust the same against your next subscription renewal or refund you, basis your choice.

We at Kosara use preventive and organic compliant measures instead of curative measures for farming. Throughout the growth cycle we try to ensure we use preventive measures and inputs in the form of healthy manure, bio-fertilisers etc. so that we don’t have to use synthetic/chemical inputs on them later, thus ensuring natural and healthy produce. We are also currently under the process of achieving organic certification for our farm.

When dealing with nature we must accept the fact that sometimes certain factors are beyond our control and hence we cannot guarantee a 100% success rate when it comes to agriculture. That being said, we will apply the best and most sustainable agricultural practices, within our reach, to ensure minimization of any risks.

Yes, you can subscribe to any number and any style of farms, depending on your requirements.

Yes, we can do that for you. Once you have received an update through the app, that your farm is ready for harvest and you are unable to visit, please get in touch with our team who will harvest your produce and ensure delivery to your home. However, deliveries under the DIY (do-it-yourself) Model will be at an extra cost.

We will try to ensure 1 (one) delivery a week since the same will be subject to the harvest. You will be intimated about the deliveries through notifications on the app.

Yes, subject to your new residence being in our delivery logistics network at the time (i.e. your residence PIN Code is available for the Click and Grow Model). In case of any issues, you may connect with our team via the messaging service on the app and we will find a solution for you.

We encourage our members to visit the farm as often as they want. In the coming future, we will host a number of classes, events, workshops and exhibitions to make KOSARA not just a farm but the perfect weekend getaway as well. You can schedule your visit on the app so that the team at KOSARA is ready to serve you better once you arrive.

Absolutely, anyone who shares our passion for food, agriculture, nature and health is welcome to the farm.

See you there!